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User Manual, GOMOW App, & Installation

User Manual

Download GOMOW User Manual from Here.


Download GOMOW APP from here.

GOMOW Installation Plan
  1. Take out all items from the box
  2. Place Charging Hub
  3. Place the OWL (Antenna) a good distance from the  Charging Hub.
  4. Connect charge extension cables with antenna & station
  5. Secure charging hub & cables
  6. Create a map of the working area
  7. Remove obstacles and cut grass below 6cm/2.36 inches.
  8. Make sure the phone and mower have enough battery.
  9. Keep a good distance between and the mower, and prepare 20mins to finish mapping
  10. Start Boundary and Channel setting
Boundary & Off-limit Island

The mower will work within boundary areas. If there are separate lawns, create multiple boundaries with a channel to link.

  1. After setting the map, test the mower movement. The mower should mow systematically within the boundary.
  2. Leave a 15cm/5.91 inches distance between the mower's right side and the boundary.
  3. Start Boundary mapping
  4. Tap starting points and remote control the mower to go along the boundary to finish mapping
  5. If the map is wrong, press and hold the eraser icon
  6. Make sure no sharp turns; No 6 sharped route; No 8 Sharped route
  7. Slops over a 45-degree angle should set off-limit island, should not cover the charging hub within 1m distance, nor overlap with the boundary.
  8. Start off limit island mapping
  9. Charging Hub within the boundary will create an off-limit island automatically.
  10. Remote control the mower to the edge of the off-limit island, tap “Reached starting point” then remote control the mower to go along the island

  1. Channel is the passage between two boundaries
  2. If there are multiple boundaries, create a channel to link the boundaries.
  3. Channel should not overlap with off limit area
  4. Channel should be wider than 1m, no walls
  5. Starting & ending point should be both within the boundary
Install the Charging Hub and the Owl antenna

Charging Hub positioning is important for GOMOW to work efficiently. The hub is where your GOMOW conducts its wireless charging while the battery is low, and where it rests between every mowing session. The Charging Hub and OWL antenna should be in an open wide space to get a strong signal from GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System.) The antenna should have a clear sky view not under the trees or obstacles. Here is all the information to follow,

  • Install the charging hub on an even surface.
  • Try to place the hub in a shaded position.
  • Avoid places close to irrigation sprinklers and near the pool.
Installation Support

Contact us on LiveChat for installation support.


Return And Warranty Policy

Return Policy
  1. 100% money-back guarantee if any manufacturing defect makes the mower and parts beyond repairable or replacement on arrival and out of the box.
  2. Full mower cost refund (minus both-way shipping) for the return of an unopened scooter within the 30-day return window.
  3. Partial mower cost refund for the return of an open-box scooter if a customer has a change of heart (buyer's remorse) in the 14-day cooling-off period. The 2-way shipping cost is non-refundable, and 30% restocking fees will be charged. We have to charge the restocking fees because we won't be able to sell the unit as new, and we would need to examine the scooter upon receiving it (full QC again).
  4. A return request would not be granted. Regular RMA policies apply if (i) there is any notable user-induced damage beyond unusual wears-and-tears on the mower within the 14-day cooling-off (ii) the unit has been used excessively and collected an excessive amount of dirt/mud, or (iii) any customization/modification has been made on the mower.
  5. Store credits for the return of unopened parts and accessories within 30 days. Customers pay for the shipping of the return. Used parts (regardless of whether they are operational or for troubleshooting) are not returnable.        
  6. For any return of products purchased on the HYgreen website, the customer must contact HYgreen first and fill out the service form to obtain the Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping back the items. Please refer to our policies in RMA claims under the maintenance & service tab.      
  7. If the purchase was made from one of our authorized retail dealers, stricter return/refund policies of the dealer might apply and the dealer will assist with the request.
Warranty Policy

In HYgreen, we provide a warranty program for the GOMOW owners. It comes with a 2-years limited warranty for the mower and the charging hub, and also, a 1-year limited warranty for the battery and the Owl (GPS antenna.) The warranty covers repairing or replacing defective parts and labor caused by manufacturing defects. Nevertheless, the warranty does not include damages from misuse, accidents, or natural disasters. Also, it does not include consumable parts, such as blades.


Product Functions

Lock Function

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Set Up Rain Delay

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Reset Pincode

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Manage Ordinary Maintenance

Wheels section

Grass debris tends to collect on the profile or between the wheels and housing. This prevents traction and generally, the device no longer runs as smoothly.

Grass clippings or leaves can easily be removed with a coarse brush, a stick or even some compressed air.

Top side of housing

This is where dust and dirt accumulate in particular. Just wipe away with a soft cloth.

Mowing deck area

Grass residue always collects on the underside of the robot. Damp grass, in particular, adheres well and clumps together when drying. It is particularly recommended to remove these before they have completely dried. A coarse brush or spatula is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Software Upgrade

You need to update your software from time to time. In Google and apple play store, there is a free software update available for all GOMOW automatic lawnmowers. We recommend updating your mower to the latest version. In addition to new functions, it contains further expansion for reliable functioning.

GOMOW Winter Maintenance Guide
  • Keep your grass a proper length for better protection during the cold weather.
  • Use a brush to remove the grass from the blade deck, the body, and the wheels.
  • Change the blades and screws on the disc.
  • Fully charge GOMOW, turn off the power, and store it indoors for winter.
  • Check the condition of the GOMOW parts. Contact your dealers for assistance if you need part replacement.
  • Unplug the main power supply of the charging hub.
  • Store the charging hub, just simply remove the induction loop plugs and loosen the floor anchors, so that you can relocate the station.
  • Store your automatic lawn mower and the charging hub indoors in a dry environment above freezing point.
  • In wire-free installations of an Exact Location control system(ELCS), we recommend placing the charging hub in the same location as before when you install it after storage. If you move the charging hub, you need to reset the position in the GOMOW Connect app.
Spring Awakening Instruction

Once winter is over, make sure that every part of the mower is clean and check for any kind of damage.

  • Wipe the surface with a clean towel.
  • Test if the battery is charging well.
  • Fully charge the battery before using the mower.
  • Set up the correct date and time.
  • Check if the virtual mapping working well or not.
  • Once everything is ready, you can start using your GOMOW again.

Diagnostics And Errors

Error & Functional Messages

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Extract the Log File from GOMOW

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Off working Area Error & Guideline

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Mower Overturn Error & Guideline

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Blade Error & Guideline

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Motor Error & Guideline

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Troubleshooting Guide

What if your GOMOW gets overheated?

GOMOW is specially designed not to get overheated. Our charging socket and battery location are put in such a way that no overheating of the mower. They both are placed a bit far away from each other hence thus reduces the chances of overheating. Also, it is designed in such a type so that overheating penetrates outside without damaging the inner parts of the mower with its water flow mechanism.

Why certain areas are not cut?

The mower's moving path depends on satellite positioning, occasionally inaccurate positioning may lead to missed cuts, and the missed area will be covered after a few more cuts.

  • If an obstacle is encountered during mowing, GOMOW will avoid the obstacle, which can result in certain areas not being cut. GOMOW have a systematic mowing pattern so every area will be covered after a few more runs there is no need to worry about it.
  • If the grass is higher than 15cm/5.91 inches, it is suggested that the users cut down grass height below 6cm/2.36 inches due to the main function of GOMOW is for law maintenance.
What if your GOMOW goes back to the charging hub more frequently without finishing the mowing task?

if you notice a decrease in the mowing time between charges, there are a couple of issues that could cause this.

  • the wheels or the blade disc may be clogged with grass clippings or dirt.
  • it could be an indicator that the battery’s capacity is impaired.


  • Remove and clean the blade disc and excess grass clippings from the wheels.
  • For the battery once its maximum charge capacity is below 70%,  won't hold a charge even if it is fully charged within 8 hours, then your battery is dead and you'll need to replace it.  

The battery is an expendable part that you can replace yourself without any problems.

Why can’t your GOMOW mow to the Edge?

The main problem is the distance between the blades and the mower’s body. for that, blades do not reach right up to the edge of the mower. Our GOMOW follows safety distance, which is a particularly large distance between the mowing unit and the outer body to avoid possible injuries that could occur if the mower runs over someone’s feet, or small pets for example. The independent and automatic operation of the GOMOW makes this particularly large safety distance necessary. you can also find the lawn edger tool on our website.

What if there is a problem with the mower entering the charging hub?

This may happen rarely to you, there is some instruction you need to follow

  • Flatten ground – you need to make sure the charging hub is installed on smooth, flat ground, not on any uphill or slop. The surface level meter is used for whether the surface is vertical or horizontal to get more accurate results.
  • Clean wheel – sometimes mud, dirt or leaves are stuck to the mower’s front wheel, which raises the front of the mower and prevents it from entering the hub. Clean the front wheel and make sure it is free from any kind of dirt.
  • Free space – If the charging hub is placed too close to the corner of the lawn or on a curved line, Move the hub and place it in more wide open space so that the mower can easily come and go. Make sure the charging hub is placed with some free space around it and not on a curve.

Mostly this kind of problem can be solved with some reworking. In the worst-case scenario, if there might be something wrong with the device itself, and in that case, you will send it back to our service center for a check-up.

Can your mower create stripes in the lawn?

It is not possible for most automatic lawnmowers. Stripes are created by the rollers on the back of mowers. Robotic mowers don’t have rollers and don’t cut in parallel lines except for mowers which use the GPS RTK system like our GOMOW, but will give the appearance of stripes but it will be short-lived as there is no roller.

Most robotic mowers mow in a random pattern. Suppose they set off in a straight but when they hit an obstacle they turn in a random direction and set off again.

What if GOMOW runs at an unscheduled time?

If your GOMOW isn’t running at the times you’ve set it to then there could be a couple of reasons. Check with the GOMOW app whether the mowing scheduled time may have been set incorrectly. For that, it needs to be reset correctly. Please go to the user Manual guide to resolve this issue.


General Questions

Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouse is located in California.

14692 Central Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, USA

Is the GOMOW app available for Apple and Android users?

The mower's moving path depends on satellite positioning, occasionally inaccurate positioning may lead to missed cuts, and the missed area will be covered after a few more cuts.

  • If an obstacle is encountered during mowing, GOMOW will avoid the obstacle, which can result in certain areas not being cut. GOMOW have a systematic mowing pattern so every area will be covered after a few more runs there is no need to worry about it.
  • If the grass is higher than 15cm/5.91 inches, it is suggested that the users cut down grass height below 6cm/2.36 inches due to the main function of GOMOW is for law maintenance.
How can I connect my GOMOW with the App?

The GOMOW app connects with your mower via Bluetooth.

  • First, you have to download the GOMOW app from the google play store and for IOS user apple play store, and then you have to fill up the registration
  • After successful registration, it will automatically scan available Bluetooth devices and try to connect automatically to the registered mower.
  • Make sure your GOMOW is not currently connected to another mobile device.

If the connection is successful your app becomes active. Then you can start your robotic discovery with full control in your hand.

Which devices support the GOMOW app system?

All devices (smartphones, tablets) that meet the minimum requirements of the relevant operating system like iOS or Android can be used.

Do I need to disassemble the charging hub for the winter?

The charging hub should not be left outdoors during winter, heavy snowfall could damage the base station.

We recommend you that, dismantle the charging hub and store it safely over the winter. To do this, simply remove the induction loop plugs and loosen the floor anchors, so that you can relocate the hub.

What is the power supply on GOMOW?

GOMOW use a universal power supplier that steps 110 or 220-volt AC household current. It suits European and American users.


GOMOW has spinning blades connected to the shaft of a DC motor. The power which is transmitted from the switch goes to a full wave rectifier and then to the motor. The Motor wheels are also DC driven.

Does GOMOW needs lubrication?

GOMOW is electric powered. oil and grease are not necessarily required for ordinary maintenance.

Can your mower cover larger areas?

A GOMOW can cover a lawn size of 10000 square feet/ nearly 3000 m2, and it is available for multi zones management using the GOMOW APP features for the setting.

Can GOMOW handle working on the uneven garden?

Yes, It can handle uneven ground with a max incline of up to 45 slope degrees.

Does the GOMOW lawnmower have an anti-theft alarm system?

Yes, GOMOW has an anti-theft protection system that will be activated if someone tried to steal it. Most important, GOMOW cannot be used by anyone except the authorized GOMOW app user. If someone tried to use it or steal it a loud alarm will go off and also in your GOMOW app, so that you will aware of everything.

What time you should start mowing in spring?

You have to wait until temperatures have been consistently reaching at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When your grass grows at least 2 to 3 inches/ 5 to 7 cm, then you can start mowing. The best time of day to cut your grass is between 7 AM to 10 AM.

What if GOMOW hits a Blind spot like left, right or back where the AI camera not working?

GOMOW will be stopped for some time then it will work again on its own.

Does cutting the height of the grass matter?

Yes, it does when you mow your grass you don’t want to cut more than 20% at once of the grass's height for the sake of grass health. It is also the fundamental concept of GOMOW, cut the grass little by little and make your lawn even healthier. If you are located in the northern us states then particular some types of grass like Perennial ryegrass roots are not that strong, so cutting height should be placed higher otherwise it will damage the grass. For the southern States, their grass types are Bermuda and Zoysia. Their roots are quite strong, you can set your mower height lower for the perfect trim.

Can I wash my mower with a watering hose pipe?

Our warehouse is located in California.

14692 Central Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, USA

Where is your warehouse located?

Not at all, water can go inside the machine and damage the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) and the battery.

Will recommend you clean it using a brush, or use a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should use a high-pressure washer, or solvent, when cleaning your automatic lawnmower.

Does GOMOW work around the vegetable garden and flowerbed?

Yes, first you must program the virtual boundaries before you start your mowing. If you have a flowerbed, vegetable garden, long buses, or a swimming pool with the Off Limits option, you set a digital fence around the forbidden areas, which does not need to be connected to the boundary loop. Once you have installed and set up your GOMOW, it independently ensures that your lawn is well cut, without any involvement from your side.

Should I leave my mower outside when a storm or rain hits?

No, it is more suggested to store it indoors. If the rain is light there is no need to worry about it, GOMOW has an IPX5 water resistance feature. But rain can debilitate even the best lawnmowers, it is crucial to store the mower in a safe and dry space. But if the weather conditions worsen please safely store the mower and charging station indoors.

Is it harmful to mow wet grass?

Yes, mowing on wet grass can obstruct your mower and tear down the look of your lawn. It's best to wait for wet grass to dry before mowing.

There are many reasons why you should not mow the lawn when it's wet, which are,

  • The mower can get jammed because of this and also cutting wet grass can dull the blade more quickly
  • The resulting uneven look would be bad enough, but when you try to cut damp grass the result is a tear rather than a clean cut.
  • The disease spreads quickly when the grass is wet. So when you mow a wet lawn, you're creating a perfect reason for fungal infestations.
Can children or pets play in the yard when the mower is working?

GOMOW has a Floating bumper with built-in sensors to reduce impact from an encountering objective and also the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted, turned over or touched by someone. The distance between the outer body and the blade tip is also extra-long to avoid feet or hands from accidentally reaching the blades. A bladed disc with side shields and the front fence is a friendly design for the user and small animals. Even so, it is advisable not to let your children or pets play unattended in the yard while your mower is mowing.