Smarter Way to Perfect Your Lawn

Introducing GOMOW - the cutting-edge automated robotic mower revolutionizing lawn care! Say goodbye to tedious perimeter wiring with its virtual boundary technology. Effortlessly operated and managed, GOMOW grants you precious free time for what truly matters, while delivering flawlessly manicured lawns with every single use. Say hello to leisurely weekends and envy-worthy landscapes!

Chip with ST – AI Excellence

Our HYgreen Chip, powered by ST's top-grade model, ensures GOMOW's triple-core AI computing, low power consumption, and exceptional stability.

Key Features:
Triple-Core with GPU: Seamless AI performance
Low Power Consumption: Efficient and sustainable
Exceptional Stability: Reliable user experience
In Partnership with ST:
ST, aligned with industry leaders like Apple and Samsung, contributes expertise to our HYgreen Chip.
Environmental Commitment:
ST shares our green energy commitment, targeting 100% renewables by 2027.

OWL System

The RTK positioning system allows precise stake placement for optimal reception. Ensure positioning stakes are installed in open areas, avoiding proximity to trees or tall walls for optimal reception.

Do not move the RTK during or after map setup in the APP. If RTK position changes, recreate the mowing path map in the APP for accurate navigation.

Clean Energy, Powerful Electricity

Experience the future of lawn care with the HYgreen GOMOW's purely electrically driven HYPER Battery. Equipped with 21700 lithium battery cells (20V, 8.0Ah), it delivers up to 180 minutes of uninterrupted operation on a single charge. Say goodbye to traditional coal-powered mowers and embrace clean, powerful efficiency.

Perimeter Wire Free

Effortlessly set mowing boundaries with simplicity—no wires, pegs, or installation costs required. Streamlined and cost-effective operations for your convenience.

Max Mowing Area: 1500m²

Precision Performance for Your Garden!The GOMOW effortlessly handles up to 1500m², offering adjustable mowing heights from 25mm to 65mm. Set the grass height once for optimal performance, achieving precision and efficiency in every mow.


Say Goodbye to Complicated Perimeter Wiring

Rapidly maps your entire yard with a virtual boundary . By employing advanced AI Vision and an enhanced RTK dual system, GOMOW achieves precise real-time environmental perception for mapping, localization, and navigation.

Setup is a breeze.

Utilize the application to link GOMOW with your smartphone, and subsequently, simply adhere to the guidelines provided within the application.

Multi Zones

You can create multiple mowing areas and schedule for each area. GOMOW will manage your lawncare automatically between them.

No-go-zone Management

Establishing no-go zones for areas that do not require mowing, GOMOW will strictly avoid those designated areas.

Mows up to 1,500m²

With the aid of GOMOW app and RTK system, GOMOW effortlessly covers lawns of various sizes, providing comprehensive coverage of up to 1,500m².

How to setup

Pet & Environment Friendly

Empower your GOMOW with VisionFence Sensor's AI prowess for smart object detection.


Enjoy a lush lawn with GOMOW, the pet-friendly robot-mower that ensures a safe and serene environment for your furry friends.

Schedule mowing times using the app for daytime hours, helping safeguard nocturnal wildlife.

Experience tranquility with GOMOW, boasting a minimal sound footprint, ensuring peaceful mowing without disturbing your surroundings.


Solar-Powered GPS RTK

Sun Powered Energy Used for GPS Charging Station!

The OWL System: Precision Redefined

Empowered by the GPS RTK system, GOMOW achieves centimeter-level cutting accuracy, revolutionizing lawn care management. Experience precision like never before.

Sustainable Green Energy Innovation

Harness solar power with our wireless GPS station. Install freely at various locations to avoid signal interference. Manual panel adjustment ensures optimal charging efficiency, adapting to different latitudes for eco-friendly performance.

More Exciting Features

Rain Sensors and Autopilot Efficiency

GOMOW features rain sensors for weather protection and an autopilot system that ensures efficient route planning. It autonomously returns to the hub for recharging when the battery is low.

Waterflow Mechanism: IPX5 Protection

IPX5 water-resistant Water Path Mechanism shields against splashing water, dissipating heat for optimal performance and preventing internal smoggy effects.

Safety Wireless Charging

Opt for wireless charging to enhance durability and user safety, minimizing energy waste and reducing heat for optimal performance.


Full Control of Your GOMOW via the App

GOMOW App: Effortless Control

Initiate robotic mastery with the GOMOW app. Its intuitive interface and simple buttons make it easy for all users. Download the app to your phone and begin your robotic lawn care experience.




Max. Cutting Performance
Blade Type
Blade Disc
Battery Capacity
Average Running Time
210 Min
Max. Incline
45% / 24°
Blade Motor
25.1 x 11.2 x 17.3 in.
31lbs (14.1kg)
App Operation
IOS, Andriod
Easy Installation
APP Supportive Installation
Safety First
Bumper, Blade Discc Gate, AI Camera
Charge Port
Quiet and Eco-Friendly
58 Db
Battery Type
Weather Resistant
Tool Warranty
2 Year
Battery Warranty
2 Year