The Future of Landscaping-The Advantages of GPS RTK Robotic Mower


Landscaping has become significantly easier thanks to modern engineering, including robotic lawnmowers.

Introducing GOMOW from HYgreen, the ultimate robotic lawnmower solution for your lawn maintenance needs. Robotic lawnmowers have been in the industry for a very long time. They keep evolving into a better version of themselves. One of the best features of GOMOW is that it is empowered with GPS RTK expertise which we call the OWL antenna. Thanks to our GPS navigation technology operators have a clear advantage.

1. Goodbye perimeter wire

Advanced GPS sensors help you map the mowing area by creating virtual boundaries from the GOMOW APP to reduce your workload of installing perimeter wires. Also, it is time-consuming to handle complex areas with wire installation but not for our OWL-navigated GOMOW.

2. GPS Efficient navigation for GOMOW

GPS RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) is a precise positioning technique used in various applications, including robotic lawnmowers. RTK allows for precise accuracy in positioning, which is essential for GOMOW as it needs to mow the lawn with high precision to avoid overlapping or missing spots. Systematic mowing patterns can be achieved using RTK technology, which gives you a professional experience.

3. Smooth Zone Transitions

Robotic lawnmowers can handle multiple mowing zones precisely and efficiently with the help of GPS RTK technology.

When a lawn is divided into multiple zones, each with distinct shapes or obstacles, it relies on the GPS RTK data to perform smoothly between transition zones. Each mowing zone is defined and programmed into the GOMOW control system. After the setting is done from the GOMOW app our mower will work itself.

4. Sustainable solar energy

Our goal is to be a practical and sustainable approach to extend their operating time and reduce dependency on traditional power sources. Our solar panel is located in the RTK tripod so the power that holds the OWL antenna is self-sufficient. By adjusting the angles of solar panels you can achieve the best charging efficiency at different locations.


  • Solar panels harness energy from the sun and convert it into electrical power. By installing solar panels on the robotic mower, it can charge its batteries during daylight hours. This way we can extend the operating time of the mower, allowing it to work for longer periods before requiring recharging.
  • The solar panels can offset some of the power consumption, reducing the frequency of manual recharging. This way our GOMOW can cover more ground within a single charge.
  • By incorporating solar panels into robotic mowers, the environmental impact is reduced compared to using traditional fossil-fuel-based power sources.

5. Systematic mowing pattern

GOMOW can divide the lawn into virtual grids and systematically cross each section without missing any spots. With GPS RTK, GOMOW can consistently track its position in real time. It can compare its actual position with the planned mowing path, making real-time adjustments to maintain alignment with the systematic pattern, resulting in perfectly symmetric and parallel strips.

How to install GPS RTK antenna

The Charging Hub and antenna are important for GOMOW to work efficiently. The GPS tripod should be placed in an open wide space where it could get a strong signalThe OWL antenna should have a clear sky view not under the trees or obstacles. Here is all the information to follow,

  • Install the antenna on an even surface.
  • Avoid places close to irrigation sprinklers and near the pool.
  • Connect the GPS RTK to the GOMOW control system using Bluetooth.
  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to align the GPS receiver for RTK operation. Set up the correct RTK correction input method, communication parameters, and other necessary settings.
  • First, set up the base station (charging hub). Ensure it has a clear view of the sky and establish communication with the GOMOW receiver.
  • Enable RTK corrections between the base station and the mower's GPS RTK receiver. This step allows the mower receiver to receive real-time corrections for higher accuracy.
  • Set up a virtual boundary from the GOMOW app for safety measures, such as obstacle detection, to ensure the mower operates within the designated mowing area excluded by creating off-limit areas like swimming pools, delicate flowerbeds or trees, etc.
  • Conduct field tests to verify the accuracy and performance of the GPS RTK system.
  • Regularly monitor the performance and check for any signal interference, equipment damage, or misalignments that could affect accuracy.


------ It's important to note that RTK requires a reliable communication link between the base station and the rover on GOMOW. If the communication link is lost, the accuracy of the GPS position may degrade to the standard GPS accuracy. Therefore, ensuring a stable and robust communication link is essential for the successful operation of RTK-enabled robotic lawnmowers.

The high accuracy of RTK ensures that our GOMOW can precisely navigate, plan paths, and adapt its mowing behavior to suit the unique characteristics of each zone, leading to a well-maintained lawn with minimal human intervention.