How to Maintain Your Robotic Lawnmower Properly?

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Getting top-notch performance from your robotic lawn mower requires regular care and maintenance. The maintenance of your mower is important so that it will last longer with excellent performance to be delivered. They are technologically quite advanced but quite simple to be taken care of.

Why is it essential to clean your mower?

The two most important reasons why regular lawn mower maintenance is pivotal are longevity and productivity. Your mower will spend hours, days, weeks, and even months being pushed to the limit with constant cutting to keep your lawn under control. 

Regular cleaning will help prevent grass clipping buildup around wheels, the mower shell, and blades as well. If the mower is messy with blunt blades then it will greatly impact your mower’s ability to cut your lawn. Negligence regarding cleaning will only bring your mower to deteriorate. 

Replacing the blades

In our GOMOW we use 1 bladed disc and 3 equipped blades. It is a good idea to check for any structural damage or bluntness of the mower blades regularly. A sharp blade ensures that your mower cuts grass more efficiently. Without sharp, efficient blades, you may be damaging the health of your lawn instead.

If the blade tips look disordered, with a slightly brownish tint on them then the blades are becoming dull. You can tell this from looking at your lawn, damaged grass will turn brown and new grass will not grow. Then it is time to replace the blades

Changing the blades of the mower is very easy. All you need is a screwdriver, interchangeable blades, and screws. 


  • Make sure to double-check that switching off the device with the main switch
  • Lay a towel or any cloth on the ground and place your mower upside-down on it. This will help prevent any scratches to the body.
  • Unscrew the old dull blades carefully
  • Once you remove the blades clean in and around the mowing deck to remove grass clipping and mud with a hard brush
  • Attach the new blades and tighten the screws
  • Check if the blades can be turned easily after the assembly
  • If the blades cannot be turned freely, you have mounted them incorrectly and must be done again.


Safety precautions should be taken when completing this procedure, always wear protective gloves, because the new blades are very sharp.

Charging station upkeep

With the charging station, you have to do nothing too much. Clean the charging station every few weeks. Just use the brush and damp cloth to remove all the dust from the contact and wipe them dry. 

Contact points

You need to ensure the wireless charging contact points are free from any dirt. Without proper care, these charging contacts can ultimately erode and may stop working altogether. Also if you leave it unclean for a longer period, the battery can take longer to charge between uses, which is not good for the lifespan of the battery. Clean the contact points using a clean and soft cloth.

Cleaning of the shell

Your mower will degenerate if care isn’t taken to keep it clean and free of dirt. Also, it can diminish the mower’s efficiency in running or mowing, leading to a faster rate of battery consumption. 


  • The outer and inner casing of the shell should be cleaned carefully with a damp or dry cloth and brush.
  • You can also remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or small brush if you’d like, so you can get grass clippings out of narrow spaces as well.


Cleaning of the Wheels

If you leave the wheels unattended for a long time, all the gathering of clippings, leaves, and mud can build up on your mower’s wheels. This could cause your mower to lose its hold on the surface of your lawn, which can damage the mower’s body. Also, your mower becomes unable to get across inclines as well.


  • Use a hand-held brush to remove chunks of clippings.
  • If you still notice some clippings that are deeply embedded in your mower. Then try any sharp or pointed tools to remove any of the remaining clippings. 
  • You can use scotch brite pads as well, just drench it in the water and rub it on the wheel, they work well. 


When do you need to change the battery of your lawnmower?

As you certainly know, batteries also have a restricted lifetime. Over time, their capacity will decrease, depending on the type of battery you are using on your mower.

GOMOW is empowered with LI-ION battery cells. Its average lifespan lasts between 3-5 years. It’s time to consider changing your mower battery once its maximum charge capacity is below 70%. GOMOW has a display where the battery charge level is indicated, or you can see it on your GOMOW app.

If you notice that your mower is heading to the charging station more frequently and the mower battery won't hold a charge even if it is fully charged within 8 hours, then your battery is dead and you'll need to replace it.

The battery is an expendable part that you can replace yourself without any problems. 

Software update

If the software is up to date, control will improve. Any sources of error will also be corrected. In Google and apple play store, there is a free software update available for all GOMOW robotic lawnmowers. We recommend updating your mower to the latest version. In addition to new functions, it contains further expansion for reliable functioning. Before winter storage software update is also required.  

Require winter storage

First of all, mowing your yard isn’t required at all in the winter season. The grass growth rate slows down in cold weather, to protect your grass you should stop mowing and switch off the device from the main switch for storing and wake it up in early spring. Frost and dampness are lethal to your mower, making it useless after the cold season.

Don’t let cold weather shorten the lifespan of your lawn mower. However, you cannot just place it somewhere dry and leave it there for the rest of the season. You need to take some steps to ensure that it will look and perform like it’s brand new when it comes out after months of being unused.

Just follow the steps one by one,


  • Keep your grass a proper length for better protection during the cold weather.
  • Use a brush to remove the grass from the blade deck, the body, and the wheels. 
  • Change the blades and screws on the disc.
  • Fully charge your mower and once this is done, remove the machine from its docking station.
  • Check the condition of the mower parts. Contact your dealers for assistance if you need part replacement. 
  • After cleaning the robotic lawn mower, place it in a dry, with good ventilation and not too cold area.
  • Then wake the mower in the early spring.


Store the charging station - The charging station should also not be left outdoors during winter, heavy snowfall could damage the base station. Replace it indoors to keep it warm at the end of the cool season.

We recommend you dismantle the charging station and store it safely over the winter. To do this, simply remove the induction loop plugs and loosen the floor anchors, so that you can relocate the station. Bring the docking station and the power supplier inside your storage room. Wipe them first and place them somewhere near the machine.