How Wireless Charging is Renovating in Robotic Lawn Care

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There are certain ways you can save time and exertion in mowing your lawn, robotic lawnmower could be the perfect solution. Well not just any mower, the very first sustainable solar-empowered GPS RTK, Eco-friendly, wireless charging HYgreen GOMOW. 

In terms of benefits of wireless charging, it has the potential to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of robotic lawnmowers in several ways,




  • Wireless charging means no need for direct contact between the mower and its docking & charging station. This way it is much more convenient to maintain and operate.
  • The advanced technology eliminates excessive usage of cables, conductive wires, and connectors and enables a maintenance-free operation, even in harsh weather conditions. They are free to rove and can be highly maneuverable.





  • Operators can install GOMOW with greater confidence. Because there are no exposed charging pins, thus reducing the risk of electric shock. This improves the overall safety of uses of wireless charging and reduces potential threats. 
  • Wireless charging also performs the function of preventing overheating. GOMOW is specially designed not to get overheated because our charging socket and battery location are placed a bit far away from each other reducing the chances of overheating.
  • A Water Path Mechanism with IPX6 water resistance has been made to protect the mower from splashing water. It perfectly scatters inside heat and avoids internal misty effects.
  • There is no need to operate your mower when the battery is low, as they can independently manage their charging needs. Wireless charging enables robotic mowers to operate with even less human intervention.





  • GOMOW can mow for up to 3 hours before requiring recharging.
  • GOMOW is Battery-powered means no harsh fumes and carbon footprint that come with a petrol mower. A far better sustainable eco-friendly choice.
  • GOMOW is using Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and long-lasting. They are durable and have a long cycle life.


---- Wireless charging represents a significant leap forward in technologically advanced robotic lawnmower efficiency. This way we can approach lawn maintenance by making it more modern and user-friendly.