Why is Green Lawn Important?


A beautiful and well-maintained lawn can embrace and enhance the look of the landscape. Colourful beds and borders are also required to maintain a balance. The layout of the garden and plants decides the position of the lawn. The lawn must be wide and open which allows plants to settle well and also allows a good amount of sunshine. 

A lawn is a beautiful area where the grass is well-grown. It is grown on the green carpet beautifully and is one of the basic and most vital features of any garden.  Lawn development is one of the best activities to do to enhance the beauty of the garden. Whether it is large or small, it looks stunning when you go for lawn development. Proper maintenance is mandatory to do. Maintain a proper landscape design, maintenance plays an important part. 

A lawn is the basic feature of any garden. The green carpet serves to enhance the beauty of the garden, be it large or small. Proper lawn maintenance plays a crucial part in any landscape design. A beautiful well-maintained lawn can make the entire landscape look good. The position of the lawn largely depends upon the layout of the garden of the house. In general, the lawn should be wide open with access to direct sunshine.

Mowing is also an important factor for a green lawn. Mowing should be done at brief intervals and never allowed to produce seed stalks. Avoid cutting the grass too short as this can damage the grass. Different grasses have different heights at which they can grow best, the ideal height of most grasses is three to four inches. Removing more than one-third of the grass leaf in a single cutting is not recommended. Mow only on dry grass and not when the grass is wet.

The best time to water the lawn would be during the early hours of the morning. Watering during this time will allow the water to reach the roots without evaporating. Mid-afternoons may lead to water getting evaporated soon and watering at night times can give rise to the possibility of diseases. While watering, care should be taken to spread the water homogeneously across the lawn. If the lawn is placed on heavy slopes, make sure that the water does not run off. Several rounds of watering would be necessary for such surfaces to ensure adequate penetration.

Lawn Care and Maintenance:

Lawn Development is a slow process and it needs time for proper maintenance. Seasonal Lawn establishment and maintenance also depend upon the type of lawn grown as well as the climate zone. However, it also requires some of the crucial processes like:


  • Planting and Seeding: Autumn, spring, and summers are some of the best seasons to seed or plant. You need to lay sod turf, plant liners, and sprig new lawns when the soil is soft, warmer and the environment is cool. The seeding process is affordable but developing a lawn can take some time. The aerating process takes some time but it must be done before seeding or planting to promote deeper root growth as well as thicker turfs. You can also go for the Hydroseeding process which is less expensive. Fertilizers and chemicals: Several organic and inorganic and synthetic fertilizers are totally available in the market. Pesticides that include biological and chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and treating diseases such as grey leaf spots are also available in the market. Suitable fertilizers and pesticides help you to perform sustainable gardening activities. It includes organic horticulture methods like biological pest control, companion planting, organic fertilizing and lots more. This is particularly done to sustain a beautiful lawn safely. 
  • Mowing and other maintenance practices: Maintaining a proper lawn needs proper care and the use of sophisticated machinery. Blossom India makes sure to make use of these techniques and technology. Moreover, lawn development includes smoothening and cutting the lawn. It needs to be more organized and also requires regular treatments. In short, lawns may need to be maintained well and it must be done at least two times a week.


Think of your lawn as your valuable asset. As the seasons pass and fall comes, there are requirements you need to focus on while performing lawn development. This utmost care helps you to gain unparalleled lawn development. Let's know the benefits of lawn development. 


  1. Air Quality: Lawn Development helps you to create a friendly and peaceful environment. Each plant takes in carbon dioxide and converts it into simple sugars through the photosynthesis process. This gives a lot of fresh oxygen and makes the air and environment fresh and pleasant. How amazing is this? Blossom India makes sure your home gets fresh and quality air.
  2. Heat: As we talked about the fresh air and pleasant breeze in the previous. Plants and flowers are known to encourage fresh air and keep the environment cool. This reduces heat and even during summer, the lawn plants help to maintain a cool temperature. 
  3. Wellness and Stress: Green spaces are well known to maintain a peaceful and cool atmosphere. These plants and grasses help to clear your mind and improve mental health as well as reduce stress. It reduces anger and improves attention levels.
  4. Therapeutic: The care of plants and grasses can have an impeccable positive impact on human lives. The therapeutic effect is generated which helps in improving illnesses and aids to freshen up during depression. 


Ways to Improve Your Lawn

Now we have seen benefits and it is time to view ways to improve your lawns to gain maximum benefits of lawn development:


  1. Aerate your lawn: Your lawn is the highest used landscape and especially your kids and pets use it to play and recreational activities. This means that grass becomes compacted and soil may become rough. So, punch holes at least 3 inches deeper and maintain them properly. This is all done to improve the quality of air and make the environment healthy.
  2. Use natural lawn fertilizers: Blossom India uses natural lawn fertilizers for the better growth of grass, plants, flowers and fruits. Organic and natural lawn fertilizers produce greener lawns and stronger plants. 
  3. Cut your grass correctly: To maintain your lawn properly, cut your grass properly. This helps to maintain the grass's height and it makes the grass stronger. Blossom India ensures to make your grass stronger and green by using proper instruments for maintenance. 
  4. Compost the kitchen and garden waste for greener grass: Composting your grasses can help you to reduce waste and also assist you to grow stronger and greener grasses. You can also compost waste from the kitchen and garden. Composting improves water drainage in soils, prevents erosion, helps in maintaining pH levels of the soils, makes it smooth and lots more.