HYgreen Answers These Environmental Topics with GOMOW.


Climate change has been a lasting environmental concern for decades. For raising awareness of the health of our mother earth, Companies have switched their thoughts in terms of product development to be kind to our ecosystem.  

Let's know about the HYgreen company. It takes care of your lawn to be manicured properly without affecting mother earth’s nature as the primary mission. In recent years, global warming tends to become a crisis that affects everyone, rich and poor, young and old. From rising ocean levels to increased temperature extremes, the world is changing for everyone. Even gasoline-powered equipment is a significant contributor to climate change. In HYgreen, the fundamental concept is Going-Green and keep developing products at low pollution levels to protect mother earth.

What makes HYgreen GOMOW a friendly lawnmower for the environment?  

The basic requirement of a mower’s function is to cut grass, including the tough ones. They demand sharp blades and powerful power. What if adding environmental issues to the consideration? HYgreen thinks about Eco-friendly lawn care without harming the environment and comes with ideas of using fewer consumables and recyclable packaging materials for less environmental burden. HYgreen GOMOW is a green concept of an automatic lawnmower by definition. 

What are HYgreen GOMOW’s top priorities?  

Our concentration is a healthy green lawn without harming tiny animals. A green environment is a direct link to promoting good health. A green environment means an abundance of trees and greenery. The natural ecosystem heavily depends on trees and plants supporting smaller insects and animals for shelter and food. So, we thought to introduce something which will be very eco-friendly to Mother Earth and HYgreen GOMOW is about nature.  

What makes GOMOW Eco-Friendly?  

Unlike traditional lawnmowers that use gas-powered engines, HYgreen GOMOW is an eco-friendly auto-mower powered by rechargeable lithium batteries to eliminate carbon emissions and does protect the environment. The blade designs for caring for the grass's health. And, have safety fences to protect small animals. 

Is Wireless Charging Safer for the Environment? 

Wireless charge means contactless and more durable. It reduces the use of natural resources for manufacturing and packaging conventional chargers. It reduces the amount of non-biodegradable, toxic wastes generated from conventional chargers and also decreases some amount of pollution and thus leading to a clean environment.  

How Green are our Electric Mowers? 

GOMOW is powered with lithium-ion batteries, which makes it effortlessly, runs smoothly, and eliminates the need for messy engine maintenance. Our mowers are designed in a way that they generate no tailpipe emissions for the environment. 

Why an Electric Lawn Mower is the Smarter Choice for Lawn Care? 

Firstly, Electric mowers are easy on the ears. Studies show prolonged or repeated exposure to sounds from high decibels can affect your ability to hear. “If you need to raise your voice to be heard at an arm's length, the noise level in the environment is likely above 85 decibels in sound intensity and could damage your hearing over time,” according to the Centre for disease control and Prevention (CDC

The higher the decibel level, the less time you can be exposed to noise and be safe.

Also, with the rising cost of gasoline, it’s important to save money where possible. By using an electric lawn mower, you have less worry about refueling at the pump or using an outstanding amount of oil to maintain superfluous parts that gas-powered lawn mowers need. Electric lawnmowers require much less maintenance and function without costly tune-ups or oily parts. 

Lastly, HYgreen concentrates on developing products that are eco-friendly to humans or animals. It is working towards a better lifestyle. HYgreen GOMOW is designed in such a way that is very friendly to the environment. Its friendly existence helps sustain a healthy evolution of life in your city.