How Animal-Friendly Robotic Lawnmowers are Changing the Game

animal friendly

Robotic lawnmowers have become increasingly popular among homeowners by taking over our daily chores and making our life hassle-free. Some robotic mowers bring revolutionary change so we can have the best of both worlds, like a well-maintained green lawn and an animal-friendly garden.

However, concerns have been raised about the impact of automatic mowers on small animals and children.  

How it is animal friendly?


  • Some of the robotic mowers are specially manufactured to be pet friendly keeping a few things in mind. One of them is our HYgreen’s GOMOW. There is no chance of harm to your children or pets from the blades of the robotic mowers. They will always immediately stop if the mower is hit or picked up and are programmed to safely maneuver around obstacles, including your family.  
  • A Robotic mower makes your yard healthier and safer than traditional commercial lawn care companies. They are battery-powered meaning no exhaust or spills from fossil fuels. They will decrease your carbon footprint, decrease waterway contamination, and reduce the threat of parvovirus.


HYgreen’s GOMOW design reduces the risk of casualties to pets and small animal

Small animals or pets and children have their own needs, like using your gardens as a place to play or run free.

We are concerned about the well-being of wildlife and your loved ones, because of the threat robotic lawnmowers create to them. This is one of the reasons why our GOMOW is equipped with a variety of features to help reduce the casualty of your surrounding animals. These features include:


  • Disc blades: The bladed disc comes with side shields and the front fence which is a friendly design for the buyer and small animals.
  • Safety distance: Our GOMOW follows safety distance, which is a particularly large distance between the mowing unit and the outer body to prevent possible injuries that could occur if the mower runs over someone’s feet, or small pets for example. 
  • Collision sensors: An aid of front visual with AI technology to help identify boundaries & obstacles. The help of the front bumper with built-in collision sensors for detection of obstacles after engagement for impact reduction together, they are the better anti-collision system. 


Our GOMOW will immediately stop working and blades will stop rotating if you touch it from anywhere, lifted or tilted.

You need to follow some helpful tips so that you can enjoy the benefit of the lawnmower and pet safety as well,




  • Your beloved pets aren’t always the only animals on your property. While using a lawnmower, it is suggested to use it during the daytime hours from preventing any injuries. Because some animals like hedgehogs are nocturnal animals they like to wander around in your garden during that time. For doing this your mower can also rest in the spare time and on the other hand it is helping wildlife also.
  • Also, children or pets should not play unattended in the yard while your mower is mowing.
  • Once the garden is mowed or the battery gets low, your mower will return to the charging station. Then you can let your children or pets out for their playtime in the garden when the mower is charging.
  • If your pets come and go to your garden anytime, you need to make sure to create enough food sources for them like cats or stray dogs e,tc. Just create a place in your lawn by an off-limit setting in your yard so the mower will avoid that section. And your wild or domestic animals can eat their food without any harm. 
  • In the GOMOW app, you can create safe zones in your garden. Simply leave a pile of leaves in a selected area and your mower will avoid the off-limit area. The pile of leaves will attract wildlife like hedgehogs and decrease the chances of them wandering into the path of your mower. 


HYgreen brings an environment and animal-friendly ultimate mower that is GOMOW. If you have pets they will be sharing the lawn with your GOMOW, in this article you will get some useful points on how it is animal friendly. If you have any kind of queries you can feel free to contact us via live chat.