Healthy, Green Garden Needs an Eco-Friendly Lawnmower


The very idea of using automatic lawn mowers is to reduce the drastic amount of time thinking about how to make your green garden healthier and manually mowing with traditional lawn mowers. The benefits of an automatic lawn mower include: they save time, are Eco friendly, have no need for boundary wire, and do a great job keeping your lawn even and beautiful. Here are some more frequently asked questions by you let’s find out now! 

Why our lawnmower is nature friendly?

Our GOMOW is battery-powered unlike petrol or gas run, meaning they do not emit harmful chemicals into the air or the soil that can harm our environment. Our lawnmower is designed to run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as an eco-friendly solution to traditional petrol-run lawnmowers.

How convenient is your automatic mower?

Automatic mowers are known for their delicate cut. Especially our mower cut the stalk tips cleanly, while most classic lawnmowers tend to knock them off with their blades. With the support of the RTK system, GOMOW is empowered to achieve centimeter-precise positioning and systematic mowing patterns to increase efficiency and accuracy contributing to perfectly manicured lawns. Simply conduct the one-time grass height setting before starting mowing. 

Our mowers are electric-powered, so they don’t require gasoline or oil to function. This can save you money and energy.

Is it really difficult to operate an automatic mower?

Not at all, here’s why – 

You just have to adjust our mower setting manually one time, once it is programmed then it can operate autonomously and mow the yard on its own.

To make things easier for you, it comes with a user-friendly guide. It becomes relatively easy to set program all your mowing schedules, cutting height and so many things stress-free.

It also has a smart control interface and simple button display making so easy for everyone to start with the mobile APP. 

Does sustainability play any role in the development of your lawn mower?

Yes, our goal is to maintain a green healthy garden and sustainable solar energy. We use solar energy on wireless GPS stations, freely install at random locations to avoid block on signals. Our solar panel is located in the RTK system for the power that holds the antenna is self-sufficient. You can manually adjust the angles of solar panels to achieve the best charging efficiency at different latitude locations.

And also our mower is battery-powered which reduces the use of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. By switching your mower, you are not only improving air and water quality but also developing your environment by investing in green energy.

Is it safe to use a wireless charger?

It is safe to use a wireless charger to avoid poor contact with outdoor charging ports for more durability and user safety. Apply a highly efficient wireless charger to minimize energy waste and reduce heat generation to the mower body. 

For handling multi zones lawns, is a battery charge sufficient for this?

To cover the bigger area, you have to set the mower first, you can plan the zones and the bridges to connect these zones. After the setting is done our mower will work itself.

The most apparent benefit of GOMOW has, that it comes with Lithium Battery cells. That means there is more available energy in them to be power-driven.

It comes with a portable battery pack that easily unmounts the GOMOW lightweight power pack and is a better option to charge in-house during harsh weather conditions. 

What if it bumps into obstacles? 

Not to worry, it has a Floating bumper with built-in sensors to reduce impact from an encountering objective.  With an aid of a front AI Camera to help identify boundaries & obstacles. 

How does GOMOW differ from the others in preventing the risk of animals and children casualty risk?

The HYgreen team takes into account reducing risks when designing the product from the selection of blades to the use of a wireless charging system. It delivers more protection to the users and the environment.

A bladed disc with side shields and the front fence is a friendly design for the user and small animals. Offset safety blades perform smooth cuts and are easily replaceable.

-----HYgreen brings the eco-friendly automatic lawnmower, GOMOW, we mainly design this to be ecologically less harmful towards Mother Nature and our society.